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The time comes in every adult child's lifetime when our parents are unable to stay at home alone. It is a difficult decision for all concerned and our search began.

We had heard that One MacDonough Place was a wonderful place and Mother and I decided to see it and try to make a decision. We were warmly greeted by Elaine Hobart, the Marketing Director, she showed us around the lovely facility and introduced us to Jane Wilkinson, the original Executive Director, who was very warm and welcomed us.

We liked One MacDonough Place because it is smaller than many other assisted living facilities. The residents are like one big happy family living together. The staff knows each person by name and all their likes and dislikes. They are treated with great love, respect and compassion.

Allene A Kalisz

Before coming to One MacDonough Place my Mom was doing very poorly and we thought she had given up her will to live. At One MacDonough Place, Mom regained her health and got stronger and soon she had a new lease on life. We are confident now that Mom is getting great care and we do not have to worry about her.

Andrea Scranton

The other night as I headed out of OMP and reached my car, I realized I was still smiling, all to myself. I turned back to wave to Mom, and I noticed that she was smiling too. That happiness is what's so great about OMP that can't easily be put into words.

The unique warmth of OMP comes across the minute you enter its cozy, homey atmosphere. Before choosing OMP, I had visited 12 other facilities; when I took my mom to OMP, she was barely through the front doors when she said "This is the one; cancel the rest of the appointments", and a week later my parents were all moved in.

What strikes me at OMP is how respectfully and lovingly the residents treat each other. I've noticed that at various activities residents welcome each other warmly by either touching hands or a rub on the back; these small kindnesses make a difference and extend the family. Residents seem to want to be with each other, milling about on the first floor, in the living room, the country kitchen, walking and conversing in the courtyard, playing games, reading, or taking off on weekly bus excursions. The main floor at OMP is always a-buzz with life and active friendships. As the residents have lived out their full lives before OMP, so they continue at OMP.

The varied and fascinating backgrounds of the residents are celebrated at OMP by various programs which give ample opportunity to discuss and document their unique and extraordinary histories, if they so choose. Many other programs, such as Art, Baking, and Gardening classes, as well as Music, Exercise, and Religious programs, keep everyone busy. I love it when I ask my mom if she remembered to call so-and-so today, and she replies: "I remembered, but I didn't have time." Often the Wesleyan students stop by to chat and assist with activities which keeps the residents in touch with our local youth and current events. In spring the residents are busy planting tomatoes and basil in the back garden, giving them something to nurture and check daily until harvest. In summer the back patio is filled with residents and conversation all morning; and the front porch is filled all afternoon and evening as the residents follow the shade around. In winter the residents seat themselves by the fireplaces and the Christmas tree, and most evenings you'll find both the lady and gentleman residents pow-wowing around the receptionist before bedtime.

As a family member, a great benefit to me has been the friendship with family members of other residents. We're all going through eldercare together for the first time, learning as we go along, and it was for me a nice surprise to find the built-in support system at OMP that ensures none of us have to go it alone. I have made lasting friendships with residents, staff, and families, and we lean on each other and share our experiences; nothing formal or intrusive, just helpful. OMP also has visiting aides, therapists, social workers, and nurses – many rich resources at our fingertips.

In a nutshell, I think so highly of OMP that I wish I could live there myself! Maybe someday.

Cindy Sheehan

Dear Elaine & Yvette,

Now that our Dad's memorial service is behind us, Ann and I would like to tell you how grateful we are for the special time he spent at One MacDonough. Because of the wonderful care he received, the last years of his life were comfortable and happy. We couldn't have found a better place. It was hard for him to leave Illinois, but One Mac truly became his home.

He was happy that he got to be with my Mother the last months of her life, and that he was with her when she passed away. The support he received there helped him carry on. He made good friends and enjoyed his interactions with everyone. And he loved the food, which he never tired of saying was "better than the cruise." The accommodations are very attractive - he loved the dining room - but what made it all so extraordinary was the staff. They are a truly remarkable group, every one of them. They were always caring, friendly, helpful and courteous. Without fail. That made him feel like he was among friends and family every day.

So, we'd like to give our special thanks to the two of you, and to Connie, Lisa, David, Cheryl, Peggy, Kyle, Austin, Tom, Ed, Joe, Eppie, Laurel, Ann, Stella, Sal, Ellie, Jessica, Mary, Marilyn, Rachel, and everyone else (sorry if I missed anyone - unlike my Dad, I have trouble remembering names – it amazed me how he always greeted everyone by name, staff and residents).

Dad was fortunate to have been there, and we are fortunate that he was cared for with such kindness. Thank you for all the good work you did for him, and for so many people.

Michael Stehney

I have been visiting patients at OMP for many years as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, and always thought, "This is where I would want my parents to live when the time came." When my mom died and my dad was left alone, my first thought was having him move into One MacDonough Place.

After he moved in, I had a new found appreciation, not only for the quality and compassionate care by the staff, but also for the real "home like" atmosphere promoted for the residents and their family.

There is a great sense of community for all of the residents and their family members, and when we visit my dad, we all feel like we are seeing him "at home." The staff is supportive and ready to help with any issue, small or large. My dad has been extremely happy and very well cared for and I am thrilled and grateful to have him at One MacDonough Place.

Millicent Malcolm