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Team Member Bios

Harry Evert: Senior VP Middlesex Hospital

One MacDonough Place was the result of Harry's desire to expand Middlesex Hospital's continuum of services to embrace seniors. After extensive research and collaboration his dream became our reality. For nearly 16 years One MacDonough has flourished and has a reputation for delivering compassionate care in a warm loving home, and for that we thank him.

Yvette Hassett, BS, RN: Executive Director

Yvette has worked for Middlesex Health System for the past 15 years. She worked eight years in our home care division as a nurse and nurse manager. Prior to this Yvette worked at Yale New Haven Hospital for 10 years in the neonatal unit. Her nursing skills and management experience are a perfect fit with One MacDonough.

Millicent Malcom, PHD, APRN

Dr. Millicent Malcolm, PHD, APRN, gerontologist, holds bi-monthly clinics for her patients at One MacDonough Place. She has visited our community since we opened in 1998 and is dedicated to find ways to make residents’ lives better.

David Frankel, BA: Program Director and Resident Service Coordinator

David, a talented musician, has shared his many skills with us for 14 years. Prior to coming to One MacDonough David worked for the state of Connecticut delivering clinical residential care.

Ed Gorman, Culinary Certified from the Naval Academy: Dining Director

For 10 years Ed has provided wonderful dining experiences for residents and staff of One MacDonough. His career began in the US Navy where he received his training and was the chef on submarines. He spent 9 years in the hotel and restaurant industry and has over 15 years working in assisted living communities.

Elaine Hobart, BA: Marketing Director

Working with people in the health-care industry has been what Elaine has done for the past 30 years of which she has spent 15 at One MacDonough Place. Her personal mission is to do the best she can to meet the needs of people living in the community as well as helping our residents.

Len Schultz, Licensed Plumber: Facilities Director

Len was in-house overseer of One MacDonough prior to its formal opening in October, 1998. He started his career in the US Navy as an electrician on submarines. After the Navy Len worked as a builder and then spent years in the hospitality industry. At One MacDonough when things need fixing we can count on Len.

Lisa Sherman, Post University: Business Office Manage

Lisa has 26 years of accounting experience and has worked for 5 years as the Business Office Assistant at One MacDonough. To meet the needs of residents and families Lisa became a notary republic and offers her services to the community.

Mary Perrotti, BSN, RN: Nursing Director

Mary has worked for Middlesex Health System for over 20 years in the critical care unit and she brings all this expertise and knowledge to our staff and residents. Mary's approach to healthcare is to find the best way her department can meet your needs.